When being assigned to a circle, members are added as decision makers (also called core members) by default. This means that they can participate in the operations and decisions of the circle.

This member status within the circle can be revoked in order for members to become non decision-makers (also called non-core members), and not be able to participate in the decisions of the circle.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: Inactive members are non decision-makers (non-core members) by default. They cannot participate in the operations and decisions of the circle, as they have a view-only access.

Why different names?

If the Holacracy add-on is enabled, the wording used will be "core/non-core member". If not, it will be "decision maker/non-decision maker".

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What does it mean?

When members are decision makers (core members), it means they'll take part in the governance decisions and operations of the circle. They can join a meeting, participate in the election process as well as submit evolutions (through proposals) and vote on the ones submitted in their circle. They can also work on the circle's projects, actions, and OKRs.

When members are added to a circle, either by being assigned/elected to a role within it or added as a member without a role, they are decision makers (core members) by default.

There may be instances where it doesn't make sense for a member to be involved in the decisions of the circle. Typically, if that member doesn't hold an important place or doesn't spend much time involved in the circle. That's why, they can be made non decision-maker (non-core member).

If members are made non decision-makers (non-core members), they won't be able to join meetings nor participate in the governance decisions of the circle. However, they will still be able to work on the circle's operations (projects, actions, and OKRs)

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: When making a member non decision-maker (non-core member), it will apply to all their roles within the circle.

Who can manage member status?

Only Admins and Circle Admins can manage the status of the members in the circle and decide to make them non-decision makers (non-core members) or vice versa.

If a role is defined as Lead in the organization settings, the member assigned to that Lead role within the circle will automatically be made Circle Admin. They will remain Circle Admin of the circle even if they're unassigned from the Lead role.

This applies, no matter the rules for assignation in place in the organization or the circle.

This means that Admins, Circle Admins and inherently the members assigned to the Lead roles can manage members' status.

Make a member non decision-maker (non-core)

To exclude a member from the governance decision-making process of a circle, make them non decision maker (non-core member):

  • Go to the circle page and access the Members section

  • Click on the three dots next to their name

  • Select Downgrade to non decision maker or non-core member

The non decision-makers (non-core members) of the circle will show as such:

Non decision-makers (non-core members) cannot:

  • Attend meetings for the circle.

  • Take part in the governance decisions, such as submitting governance proposals or voting on proposals/elections.

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