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Holaspirit aims to be your perfect companion for your self-organization journey. The Holacracy add-on is designed for the Holacracy framework, and tailored to fit your needs as a Holacracy-powered organization – including reinforcing the new habits needed for success!

What can I do?

The Holacracy add-on is designed to support your Holacracy practice from adoption to execution, and help you build the skills and habits needed.

Steer the implementation and ensure safe practice of Holacracy

The add-on offers all the settings you need to apply the rules, structure and processes of the Holacracy framework and make sure the settings are consistent across your workspace. It allows you to:

  • Assign transformation leaders as managers of the app who will be in charge of setting up your workspace according to your practice.

  • Lock the customisation options to prevent admins and circle admins to override them, ensuring consistent and aligned practices across circles.

  • Disable asynchronous proposals to make sure governance decisions are processed only during governance meetings.

Foster adoption among teams

The add-on makes the adoption and understanding of Holacracy easier by providing tips and definitions directly on the platform, in real time.

  • The add-on comes with a sequence of 12 emails about Holacracy, from learning about the basics to building good habits. You may enable the email sequence and help your team get familiarized with Holacracy.

  • Definition of common Holacracy terms and processes are displayed across your workspace behind the "Holacracy tips" button.

Holacracy add-on settings

👤 Only platform administrators and users added as Holacracy App administrators have access to these settings.

Access the Holacracy add-on settings

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Scroll down to the Add-on section

  • Click on Holacracy at the bottom

Enable the Holacracy add-on

To enable the Holacracy add-on, click no the toggle button in the Enable 'Holacracy' app section.

Choose the Holacracy add-on administrators

All Admins have access to the Holacracy add-on settings, but you can also give Users access to these settings so they can manage the add-on too.

Click on the Add add-on administrator button and select the member of your choice.

The User added as a Holacracy add-on admin can access the Holacracy App settings through the Administration menu and will be able to define the settings applied to the organization, enable or disable the Habit Helper sequence of introductory emails to the method as well as the ratified constitution.

Configure the Holacracy add-on settings

All platform Admins and Holacracy add-on admins can define the settings for the entire organization, allowing (or not) administrators to:

Tick the boxes for the settings you want to be enabled and click Save to apply them to the organization.

Set up the Holacracy Habit Helper

To help the members of your organization get into good habits with Holacracy, you can enable the Holacracy Habit Helper. This is a sequence of 12 emails about Holacracy, from learning about the basics of Holacracy to following best practices.

When activating the Habit Helper, all members of the organization will receive the newsletter from Holaspirit with one email per week for 3 months.

If new members are added to the organization after the activation of the add-on, they will receive the whole program from the beginning.

To enable the sequence:

  • Go to the Habit Helper tab

  • Click on the Enable button at the bottom.

You'll notice the green dot in the top right telling you it's activated!

You can deactivate it by clicking on the Disable button at any given time.

Add your organization's ratification constitution

Because not all organizations follow the same processes, you might want to add your organization's own ratification document.

In the Documents tab, simply enter the link in the Ratified Constitution section and click Save.

All members will be able to access this document in the Documents section of the organization's General circle.

From there, you can also access the Holacracy Constitution 5.0 as well as meeting cards for Tactical and Governance meetings.

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