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How to send a proposal into Slack?
How to send a proposal into Slack?

Learn how to submit proposals directly into Slack

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If your organization uses Slack to communicate, good news: you can have Holaspirit proposals sent directly into Slack in order to process them in your channel.

Sometimes, you might not want to wait for a meeting or have to schedule one to make small adjustments to the structure of your circle. With the Holaspirit Slack integration, your proposals appear in Slack and circle members can vote with one click so that replies are captured in Holaspirit.

Here's an example of what a Holaspirit proposal looks like in Slack:

📌 Note: Holaspirit Slack integration can be installed for your circle by a circle admin or a platform administrator (instructions here).

⚠️ Important: If your circle had set up the Slack integration prior to the December 2021 release, make sure to re-activate Holaspirit Slack Integration to get access to this feature.

How to submit a proposal in Slack?

If Slack is enabled for your circle, follow these steps to create a new proposal:

  • Go to the role (or circle) page you wish to create a proposal for

  • Click on Add or Edit role/circle or the "+" next to the Policies section

  • In the new window, craft your proposal

  • Explain why you want to make these changes (this is where you can log your tension if your organization works with Holacracy).

Once you have made your proposal (recalling that it does not have to be perfect) you can select Submit to have this proposal sent to your circle members for review and sent to your Slack channel. You can also save it as a proposal, you will find it in your Proposals app and will be able to submit it later.

Once submitted, a proposal is automatically posted into Slack:

People in the Slack channel will be able to click Validate or Reject.

By clicking on See full proposal on Holaspirit they can ask for more information to make the proposal clearer simply with a comment in the Activity section.

You can track the validation of your proposal in the Submitted Proposals tab.

Too many emails? Note that by default Holaspirit will continue to send emails for asynchronous governance proposals sent to Slack. Review your notifications preferences if you wish to disable emails notification.

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