Admins of the platform as well as Circle admins can use the instructions of this page to link a Slack channel to a circle.

Installing Holaspirit Slack integration allows you to:

Configuration Instructions

Note: A Slack channel can be linked to more than one circle on Holaspirit.

  • As a Circle admin or platform admin, go to the circle of your choice

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the circle page and select Settings

  • Go to the Integrations tab and click on the Activate button

For the Slack integration to function with Holaspirit, you need:

  • A paid Slack account (Standard, Plus, or Enterprise will work)

  • Slack email addresses match Holaspirit email addresses, or else the sync system will not be able to match role-fillers with individuals on Slack. If you're having trouble syncing individuals, double check that the emails match.

  • Only Slack workspace administrators can install this integration.

  • Usergroups permission has to be enabled for your Slack workspace.

Follow the prompts to enter your organization's Slack URL and click Continue:

Next, you will be presented with an access list :

  • Select the Slack channel Holaspirit will post to

  • Click Allow

  • Holaspirit will confirm the app installation on the settings page.

To see how to send proposals via Slack, click here

To see how to set up notifications sent to Slack, please check out this article

To see how to use Slack @-mentions for roles and role-fillers, click on this one


  • Additional steps might be required on Slack app administration if app approval is turned on for your workspace. You can manage apps from the Slack App Directory.

  • [users_not_found] Unable to retrieve member from slack with email *****@****.**
    How to fix it : You need to invite this user on Slack with the exact same email as the one in Holaspirit

  • [paid_teams_only] Unable to create slack user group from role ****
    How to fix it : You need to subscribe to Slack to be able to have user groups (User groups are used to represent roles in Slack, if you keep the free version of Slack, you will be able to use everything except the user groups)

Note: Once you have corrected the cause of the error, you need to de-activate and re-activate the Slack integration again.

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