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How do I set up notifications posted to Slack?
How do I set up notifications posted to Slack?

Learn how to set up Slack notifications

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For all of your circles using the Slack integration with Holaspirit, notifications will be posted directly in your Slack channel (on a per-circle basis).

Notified events

On a day-to-day basis, people use Holaspirit to collaborate on proposals, meetings, projects and OKRs. Once the integration is set up, circle members can get instant notifications from the Holaspirit bot in Slack for the following events:

Evolution activities

  • Newly created, updated, deleted roles, circles and policies

  • New proposal submitted, accepted, rejected

Assignation activities

  • New assignation or election

Meetings activities

  • When a meeting is approaching (reminder 10 minutes before)

  • When a meeting is open

  • Meeting report available after a meeting is closed

Projects activities

  • New, updated, deleted projects

  • When a project is moved in the Kanban, when the title change

Here's an example of notification you will receive in Slack :

Depending on the information you are most interested to get in your Slack channel, a Circle admin can turn off notifications for you.

Turn off Slack notifications

👤 You need to be a Circle Admin or an Administrator to manage Slack notifications.

To stop Holaspirit notifications in Slack, go to the Circle page:

  • Click on the 3 dots

  • Click on Settings

  • Go to the Integrations tab

  • On that page, look in the Slack settings to see the option you're looking for

  • Uncheck the notification you would like to turn off

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