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Learn how to set up Slack Integration

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Seamless Slack Integration

If your team is using Slack to communicate at work everyday, whether they’re in an office, remote, or both! Holaspirit helps stay on track while using Slack.

Role Tagging

When communicating with coworkers, you can tag a role directly in Slack. It keeps you in the habit of making requests of a role rather than a person. It also makes it easier for the role-filler to consider their role when processing.

Use the following shortcuts to tag a role, a member on Slack:

  • /holaspirit @rolename = retrieves data from role

  • /holaspirit @membername = retrieves data from member

  • @rolename [text] = notifies the members of the role

A drop-down list of roles, ordered alphabetically, will appear. Pick the role you want to address. Write your message and submit it. People filling the tagged role will be notified about your message, the same as if you had used their individual names.

Keep track of Decisions, Projects, and OKRs

Day-to-day, people use Holaspirit to collaborate on proposals, meetings, projects and OKRs. With the integration, people can get instant notifications from the Holaspirit bot in Slack for the following events:

  • creation/update/deletion of a role/circle

  • creation/update/deletion of a policy

  • election of a user for a core role

  • assignation of a user to a role

  • creation/update of a project

  • creation/update of an OKR

The result is that collaboration becomes easy. Your team knows what’s happening and how they can contribute.

Configuration Instructions

📌 Note: A Slack channel can be linked to more than one circle of Holaspirit.

  • As a Circle Admin, go to the circle you want to integrate Slack with

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the circle page and select Settings

  • Click the Integrations tab. Then select the Activate button

⚠️ Important prerequisites:

  • A paid Slack account (Standard, Plus, or Enterprise will work)

  • Slack email addresses match Holaspirit email addresses, or else the sync system will not be able to match role-fillers with individuals on Slack. If you're having trouble syncing individuals, double check that the emails match.

  • Only Slack workspace administrator can install this integration.

  • Usergroups permission has to be enabled for your Slack workspace.

  • Follow the prompts to enter your organization's Slack URL and select “Continue”.

  • Next, you will be presented with an access list. It requires to grant access for two different sections:

    • The first one to allow Holaspirit to send notifications (events) to Slack

    • The second one to allow Slack to retrieve information (e.g. Role/Member's information) from Holaspirit

  • Select the Slack channel Holaspirit will post to

  • Click Allow

  • Holaspirit will confirm the app installation


  • Additional steps might be required on Slack app administration if app approval is turned on for your workspace. You can manage app from the Slack App Directory.

  • [users_not_found] Unable to retrieve member from slack with email *****@****.**
    How to fix it : You need to invite this user on Slack with the exact same email as the one in Holaspirit

  • [paid_teams_only] Unable to create slack user group from role ****
    How to fix it : You need to subscribe to Slack to be able to have user groups (User groups are used to represent roles in Slack, if you keep the free version of Slack, you will be able to use everything except the user groups)

Once you have corrected the cause of the error, you need to deactivate and reactivate the Slack integration again.

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