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How do I use the Slack @-mentions for roles?
How do I use the Slack @-mentions for roles?

Learn how to use Slack mentions for roles

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If your team is using Slack to communicate at work everyday, whether they’re in an office, remote, or both, Holaspirit helps optimizing this communication tool.

You can now tag roles and Slack will automatically notify all the individuals filling the roles. Enabling this feature will keep your Slack team's user groups in sync with Holaspirit roles and members.


  • Having a paid Slack account (Standard, Business+ or Enterprise Grid)

  • The Slack integration has to be activated on Holaspirit (instructions here)

How to set up the configuration (from Holaspirit):

As a Holaspirit Administrator or Circle Admin, go to the circle page:

  • Click on the 3 dots

  • Select Settings

  • Go to the Integrations tab

Once you enable the integration, a full sync in ran to create user groups for all roles in your organization. You can check back on this page to confirm when sync is complete.

When the sync is complete, you can go to Slack to begin using the user group feature.

How to use the feature in Slack

  • In Slack, start typing @ followed by any role name. A drop-down list of roles, ordered alphabetically, will appear. Pick the role you want to mention.

  • Write your message and send it.

  • Each member assigned to the tagged role will be notified of your message, same as if you had used their names.

📌 Notes:

  • Slack email addresses need to match Holaspirit email addresses, or else the sync system will not be able to match role-fillers with individuals on Slack. If you're having trouble syncing individuals, double check that the emails match.

  • You can disable the integration at any time from the circle's page settings on Holaspirit.

  • Users who are guests in your Slack organization will not be able to use this feature. However, they may set up a work-around using Slack's instructions for keyword notifications.

If you wish to post the information about a member or a role into Slack :

Type the /holaspirit command to see the available options :

  • /holaspirit @rolename = retrieves data from role

  • /holaspirit @membername = retrieves data from member

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