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How to mention roles on Holaspirit?
How to mention roles on Holaspirit?

Learn how to mention a role to create relations between roles

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To highlight how roles interact together within the organization, you can use the role mention feature. This allows you to create a dynamic link between roles and provide information on how they work.

How to mention a role?

To mention a role, simply type “@” followed by the first letters of the role you want to mention, and select the role in the drop-down list to mention it.

Where to mention a role?

Mentioning a role is possible:

  • In all Description fields

  • In all Activity fields (comment)

  • In the content of roles and circles (purpose, strategies, policies, domains and accountabilities) as well as checklists, metrics, publications, tensions, proposals, actions, projects and OKRs.

How are relationships between roles displayed?

When tagged on another role or circle page (in purpose, domains, accountabilities or any other custom fields), the role it's been linked to shows in the Relations section.

How to mention a member?

Similarly to mentioning roles, you can also mention members in any text field of your platform. Simply type @ followed by the member's name and select them from the dropdown list.

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