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Using Holaspirit
Using Holaspirit

Learn how to use the different apps and features of Holaspirit

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How to mention members on Holaspirit?
Understanding HighlightsLearn about role and circle highlights
Assign Roles 🎬In this video, you'll learn how to assign Roles
What are Inactive members?Learn about inactive members and how to change inactive to an active member
Governance OverviewLearn more about governance
Add a Role or a Circle 🎬In this video, we'll show you how to create a new role or a new circle into your chart.
How to add a role or a circle?Learn how to add a role or a circle
Manage Highlights as an AdminLearn how to apply Highlights to your chart
How to edit a role or a circle?Discover different ways to edit a role or a circle
How to delete a role or a circle?Learn how to remove a role or a circle
How to move a role or circle from one circle to another?Learn how to move a role to another circle
How to transform a role into a circle (and back)?Learn how to transform a role into a circle and reduce a circle into a role
How to add or remove a member without a role from a circle?Learn how to add or remove a member without a role from a circle
How do I apply or resign from a role?Learn how to apply for a role and resign from a role
How to hold an election for an elected role?Learn how to elect a role through an election
How to duplicate a circle?Learn how to copy and duplicate a circle
Understanding DomainsLearn more about domain and policy
Transversal roles OverviewLearn more about transversal roles
How to add or edit a policy?Learn more about policy and domain
Building relationships between rolesLearn about relations between roles in your org chart
How to add, edit or delete a Transversal RoleLearn more about transversal roles
Improving transversality competences with Transversal rolesWhat is a Transversal role and how you can use it
How to add, edit and delete Metrics?Learn more about metric
How to add, edit and delete Checklists?Learn about managing role and circle checklists on Holaspirit
How to restructure a circle in governance meetings?Learn how to restructure a circle in governance meeting
How to assign or remove a member from a role?Learn about role assignation, removal and scope
Export my organization's data as a User
August 2021 Product UpdatesNew charts types, filters, heat maps

Meetings OverviewDiscover how you can work with meetings and improve your productivity
Run meetings (Secretary) 🎬In this video, we'll see how to go through the meetings steps, create the agenda and capture meeting notes.
Introducing Tactical MeetingsLearn how tactical meetings are organized in Holaspirit
Introducing Governance MeetingsLearn how governance meetings are organized in Holaspirit
Adding agenda items to scheduled meetingsLearn how to add a tension or proposal to a meeting agenda
How to use Bring to meeting?Add your tensions and proposals to your circle meetings!
How to create a Meeting Template?Learn about meeting template or model
Meeting templates best practices - example usesDiscover example meeting templates
How to open, schedule, edit or delete a meeting?Learn how to plan, start, modify and remove a meeting and its recurrence
How to change the Secretary during a meeting?Learn how to choose a new meeting secretary
How to import proposals in meetings as the meeting Secretary?Learn how to add proposals to a meeting as a secretary
Adding an agenda item to an opened meetingHow to add an agenda item during a meeting?
How to close a meeting?Learn how to end a meeting
How can I synchronize my circle meetings to my calendar?Learn how to export Holaspirit meetings to your personal calendar
What's new with Meetings? 🚀Explore new features in the Meetings app
How to manage missed meetings and their agenda items ?Learn how to find missed meetings, reschedule them and transfer their tensions to another meetings
How to transfer unprocessed agenda items to another meeting?Learn what happens with agenda items (tensions, proposals) that were not processed during a meeting and how to move them to the next meeting