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OKRs : Assign Members to Key Results
OKRs : Assign Members to Key Results

Learn how to assign or add a member to a Key Result

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While you can assign a team or a role to an OKR, you can also assign a Key Results to a member. This helps to create ownership over a Key Result.

OKR and Key Results assignation explained

Let's clarify what assignation means for an OKR and its Key Results:

  • An OKR represents a measurable collaborative effort to attain a goal. Assigning a Circle and/or a Role and Members to an OKR sets the global expectation in terms of who needs to work toward that Objective.

  • Key Results are the outcomes required to achieve the Objective. They contain a metric with a start and target value to measure progress. Assigning members to each Key Results clarifies the responsibility of each member contributing to achieve the overall goal.

👍 The benefits of assigning members to Key Results

Team effort and collaboration are great and need to be fed with clear expectations in order to work effectively. Knowing how your work contributes to your team's success can make a lot for motivation and engagement.

The same goes for other team members: being aware of how your teammates contribute to a shared goal gives transparency, clarity and structure. When others' scope of action is explicit, yours is too.

👥 Who can and should be assigned to Key Results ?

Only the members of the role or the circle assigned to the OKR can be assigned to its Key Results:

  • If only the Circle is assigned to the OKR, all circle members can be assigned to Key Results.

  • If a Circle and a Role are assigned to the OKR, only the member(s) of this specific Role can be assigned to the Key Results.

The assignation of Key Results should reflect the reality: all members contributing should be assigned.

If two people share the responsibility and contribute to the progress of a Key Result, they should both be assigned. If someone is the sole contributor or responsible, only they should be assigned.

How to assign or unassign members to Key Results

To assign members to a Key Result:

  • Go to the OKR card

  • Go to the Key Result of your choice

  • Click on the avatar icon and select the member(s) in the list

A green tick will show next to the selected members, and their profile icon will appear next to the Key Result.

To remove the assignation, repeat the same process. You'll notice the green tick and profile icon disappearing when clicking on the member's name.

Follow OKR's assignation history

In order to ensure the transparency of assignations, you can see any modifications made to the OKR and its Key Results. Once you go down to the bottom of the OKR card, you will see the Activity section with a list of the actions (including assignations) made by the members, along with the date they were done.

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