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Not all key results are equal, some have a bigger impact on progress than others. By assigning different weighted values ​​to key results, companies can report the relative value of each individual action on the overall progress towards the overall goal.

Overall, this approach gives companies greater control over how they measure progress toward their goals and report on the results.

What are Weighted Objectives?

Holaspirit Weighted Objectives allows circle members to assign specific weights to define how scoring and progress roll up to the Objective.

You may see objective weights displayed like this:

In this example, the key result of "Exceed NPS over 8/10" has a weight of x2. This means it will account for twice the progress of its sibling key results.

It is calculated as follows:

(key result's weight) x [key result's progress %) / [sum of weights]

In the example:

  • Exceed NPS over 8/10
    = [2 x (5/10) / 4]*100 i.e 25% of the objective's progress

  • Get 300 responses satisfaction survey
    = [1 x (200/300) / 4]*100 i.e. 17% of the objective's progress

  • Present an action plan of 5 improvements next quarter
    = [1 x (2/5)] / 4*100 i.e. 10% of the objective's progress

Total Progress of the Objective = 25 + 17 + 10 = 52%

If no weights given, all key results will be treated equally.

How to add Weight?

Weights can be set or edited by clicking directly on the "weight" next to the key result and then choosing your appropriate weight.

Any Circle Member can edit the weight of a key result.

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