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How to manage columns in your Kanban project board?
How to manage columns in your Kanban project board?

Learn how to rename, order, and delete your columns, sort its tasks and change column colour

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Effortlessly tailor your task Kanban board to match your team's workflow with intuitive column management. Streamline processes by customizing columns to reflect specific stages of completion, ensuring clarity and efficiency in every project.

📌 Note: All circle members can make changes to the columns in the Kanban view. Every modification will be visible for the rest of the board members.

Rename a column

Hover the column's name, click on it, insert a new name, and it's done!

Change column's colour

Go to column's three-dots menu and choose Custom colour button. Decide on the colour and see how your column changes.

Sort column's tasks

Go to column's three-dots menu and click on Sort tasks. Decide how to prioritize tasks, ensuring that urgent matters are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Change columns' order

Effortlessly rearrange task columns in the Kanban view to adapt to evolving project dynamics and optimize workflow efficiency. Drag and drop them as needed.

Delete a column

Streamline your task board by swiftly removing unnecessary columns, decluttering your workspace and enhancing focus on essential project stages. Go to column's three-dots menu and click on Delete column.

📌 Note: All tasks from the deleted column will be archived.

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