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Working with new Projects App
Working with new Projects App
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How to duplicate a task?Learn how to copy and transfer a task or a project to another board
New Projects App OverviewDiscover the Projects App, its features and possibilities
How to add, edit, archive and delete tasks?Learn how to create, modify and remove a project, task and subtask
How to add, edit and delete a task due date?Learn how to add, modify and remove a task and project due date or deadline
How to add a progress bar to your task?Learn how to add a personalised progress bar to a task or a project
How to duplicate a project board?Learn how to copy or duplicate a board
How to manage columns in your Kanban project board?Learn how to rename, order, and delete your columns, sort its tasks and change column colour
How to administrate a project board?Learn how to add board admins, make your board private, define task completion column and enable All boards view
How to add an extra project board to your circle?Learn how to create an extra project or task board for your circle and pin it to favourites
Kanban, Hierarchy, List: task board viewsDiscover task board views: kanban, hierarchy, list, and their possibilities: filtering and hiding your projects and tasks
How to collaborate on tasks?Learn how to mention members and roles on your tasks and projects
How to add subtasks to a task?Learn how to create subtasks in your tasks and projects
How to move task to another board?Learn how to change board of your tasks and projects
What changes with the new Projects App?Learn how the new Projects App impacts the functioning of actions, projects, and meetings