How to duplicate a task?

Learn how to copy and transfer a task or a project to another board

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In order to give you flexibility in working with projects and tasks, it is possible to duplicate them, making it easier to re-use existing operation cards.

Tip: You can create a task and use it as a template, duplicating it with no limits!

How to duplicate a task?

  • Open the desired task card

  • Click on the Duplicate button

  • Rename the new task copy; in case you don't change the name, it will remain the same with [Copy] mention

  • Choose whether to create an individual copy for each member assigned to the initial task

  • Click Duplicate again to confirm

📌 Note: Assigned members, labels, due date, and progress bar will not be duplicated.

You can also duplicate a task directly from the circle board by clicking on the three-dots menu. 

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