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How to add, edit and delete a task due date?
How to add, edit and delete a task due date?

Learn how to add, modify and remove a task and project due date or deadline

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Set up your project's clock and add its due date! It's a straightforward way to keep everyone on track and ensure tasks are completed on time.

How to add a task due date? 

A due date can be easily added from a task card. Click on Due date on the right side of the tab and select the desired date.

Changing task due date

To stay up to date with the changing deadlines of your projects, you can change their date in two ways: directly from the project card or from the board it's assigned to. 

Deleting task due date

You don't need a deadline anymore? Click on the "x" symbol next to the previously selected task date to delete it.

Following task due date modifications

Every change made to the task due date is logged in its Activity section. You can find it at the bottom of the task card.

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