How to add a progress bar to your task?

Learn how to add a personalised progress bar to a task or a project

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Don't miss out on the progress of your task! To easily track its success, you can add a customizable progress bar. With this bar you can track any information, for example, budget, number of translated articles or sold products. 

How to add a progress bar to a task? 

  • Open the task card

  • Click on Progress bar

  • Give the bar a name

  • Select the progress suffix

  • Confirm progress bar creation

Once the bar is added, you need to set the range of its value, for example, from $0 to $500. Then you can freely move the button setting its point, regardless of the number of completed subtasks.

Any change made within the progress bar will be logged in the Activity section, including:

  • Adding, editing (symbol and name), and deleting the progress bar,

  • Editing bar's value range,

  • Updating bar's value.

The progress bar will be visible on the task card in the Hierarchy, Kanban, List views.

📌 Note: You can add only one progress bar to a task card.

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