What changes with the new Projects App?

Learn how the new Projects App impacts the functioning of actions, projects, and meetings

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Our new Projects App is finally here! Merging Actions and Projects into Tasks streamlines productivity by consolidating all actionable items into a cohesive system. This integration enhances clarity and efficiency, facilitating smoother progress towards goals. Cheers to a new era of productivity and success!

What is a Task? 💭

Tasks were created from the merger of Actions and Projects. Now you can find them in one single application, however, they will still be separate units. Tasks assigned to a project board are equivalent to former Projects, while off-board tasks represent the former Actions. What's more, tasks not assigned to any board or circle can be your personal to-dos, making it easier to manage your daily tasks.

No data loss guaranteed when the new Projects App is activated! All former Actions and Projects will be seamlessly united into Tasks in the interface of the new application ⚡

⭐ On the member level, you can find all the tasks in the My Tasks view of the Projects App or your page. No board section includes all tasks not assigned to a board (former Actions). You can also find there your personal tasks, which are not assigned to any board or circle.

Below there are tasks assigned to project boards (former Projects). Each board has its own separate section, which you can roll up to maintain the transparency of your tasks.

⭐ On the circle level, you can find all circle boards holding your circle projects in the Boards section. The Tasks section will contain tasks not assigned to the project board, but only to the circle, making them equivalent to former Actions.

How to process a Task during a meeting? 🛠️

With the merger of Actions and Projects into Tasks, here comes another big simplification - just one meeting step to review them all! Now all tasks, both in and without a project board, can be processed in Projects meeting step.

Opening the Projects step, you will see two sections: Boards and Tasks. In Boards, you will find all tasks assigned to the circle boards (previous Projects), and in Tasks, you will find tasks assigned only to the circle (previous Actions). Their processing is exactly the same as before, and any changes will be reflected in the meeting report.

What about Holacracy? 👥

In Holacracy, Actions and Projects epitomize the organization's shared aim and adaptive structure, driving its dynamic evolution and self-organization. According to the Holacracy Constitution v.5.0, their purposes are defined as follows:

  • Actions are useful actions that you could take immediately, at least in the absence of competing priorities,

  • Projects are specific outcomes that would be useful to work towards, at least in the absence of competing priorities.

With the new Projects App, the functioning of these elements does not change at all. Despite being combined in one application, they will still be separate entities whose purpose can be freely pursued. However, it is only the name Tasks that is changed, whereas the general working principles remain the same:

  • Off-board tasks are actions that can be performed right away,

  • Board tasks are more complex activities with concrete results that would be beneficial to strive for in a longer term.

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