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Revolutionize how you manage projects and tasks with our intuitive app. From personalized task views to streamlined board management, everything you need to work smarter and faster is right at your fingertips.

How the new Projects App works?

Projects and Actions have been merged into Tasks, which can be created in the Projects application. A task can be:

  • A stand-alone (personal) task which appears in your task list, but not linked to a board,

  • A sub-task which exists in a task, part of a to-do list,

  • A task which is a part of a task board.

What is included in a Task card?

A task card is described by a title and description. Its card also includes:

➤ Due date,

➤ Labels,

Activity section (task editing history).

What's more, you can also perform the following actions from the task card:

➤ Using Text Editor in the description field,

➤ Copying task URL,

➤ Duplicating task and its subtasks,

➤ Moving task to chosen circle board and its column,

➤ Archiving task,

➤ Deleting task.

Permission and access

👉 All circle members have full access to the corresponding circle boards.

👉 All organization members have view-only access to any circle board by default.

👉 If a circle is working with confidential information, Circle Admins can decide to make the circle private to make its project board accessible only to circle members.

Processing Project and Tasks during a meeting

To provide updates and move work forward, circle members can check projects and tasks during the circle meeting. Admins of your platform can set up customizable meeting templates to adapt the meeting structure.

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