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Teal is all about transparency, however it might be needed to limit the scope of access to information in some cases. For example, an external person who have been invited to the organization do not necessarily have access to all the organization's details.

To that end, privacy settings allow you to manage your general privacy preferences for each circle of your organization. There are two privacy settings for each circle:

  • Operations, i.e. Projects, Actions, OKR, Meeting reports
  • Documents, i.e. Attachments and Publications.

If these settings are enabled, only members of the circle are able to consult the below information. For the others, the corresponding tabs on the circles are hidden along with all associated information (via search bar for example).

Who can modify privacy settings ?

Circle Admins have access to the privacy settings of their circle. By default they are:

  • The user that has created the circle
  • The role in charge of assignation
  • The role in charge of the link between the parent-circle and the circle is also a Circle Admin.

Circle Admins can assign or unassign other Circle Admin for his/her circle. In addition, an Administrator of the platform can add himself/herself as Circle Admin of any circle of the organization.

How can I activate privacy settings for a circle ?

  • Go to the Circle page and click on the 3 dots. Click on Settings.
  • Edit the privacy settings by checking the desired box to define who can access publications and operations.
  • Click on Save

What's private?

  • When privacy settings are enabled for operations, the Activity feed, Projects, Actions and OKR tab of the circle are no longer visible to non-member of the circle.
  • When privacy settings are set for documents, the documents tab is no longer visible to non-members of the circle.
  • Meeting and meetings reports cannot be viewed by members outside the circle.


  • Checklists and metrics remain visible to the entire organization regardless of the settings.
  • Private items do not go up in the search bar results for users who are non member of the circle.
  • Private items do not go up in the selection fields (eg. Attach an OKR, Attach a Project). Project and OKR view can therefore be partially hidden.
  • Users who are not members of the circle can no longer subscribe to the circle's emails and receive email notifications.
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