How to administrate a project board?

Learn how to add board admins, make your board private, define task completion column and enable All boards view

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Unlock the power of collaboration with our dynamic task board administration features! Customize privacy settings for seamless team coordination, appoint dedicated board admins to drive productivity, and tailor task completion column for a visually engaging and rewarding workflow experience. Dive in today and transform the way you work!

How to administrate your project board? 

  • Open your board and go to three-dots menu in the right corner

  • Click on Board settings

  • Assign board admins. They can be chosen between your circle members.

  • Decide if your board should be private or public. When private, only the circle members will have access to the board.

  • Select tasks completion column. All completed task will be marked as checked then.

📌 Note: Circle admins are board admins by default. It can be changed in the board settings.

Enable All boards view

Gain panoramic insight into your organization's workflow by enabling a consolidated view of all task boards. With this feature, effortlessly oversee progress across circles, promote transparency, and foster collaboration on a unified platform. Simply go to Administration Settings and enable the view in the Projects tab. 

Once activated, All boards view will be available in the Projects App.

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