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How to make my Holaspirit organization public?
How to make my Holaspirit organization public?

Learn how to make your organization public

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Your organization is private by default: only the users who are invited to your platform can navigate your organization chart. However, you might want partners or visitors to be able to view the structure of your organization without being part of it.

👤 You need to be an Administrator of the platform to make it public.

By making your organization public, visitors can access your organization chart and its circles and roles as well as their Purpose, Domains, Accountabilities, Policies, and Members.

📌 Note: A visitor can only view the information, never edit it.

How to make your organization public?

  • Go to your Profile icon and select Administration

  • In Organization Settings tab, go to Privacy Settings

  • Choose whether to make your organization public or private

  • Click on Save to confirm

Once your organization is public, you can:

  • Custom your URL address and copy it

  • Enable members and documents to be displayed on the public page

  • Enable role highlights to be displayed on the public page

  • Embed your public Holarchy in any website

How to embed your organization's chart in a website?

Admins can now embed their organization's structure to any other website, all that in a Privacy Settings section in the Administration settings.

⭐ Tip: Share the chart with your future recruits or with your external partners to help them better understand who does what in your organization.

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