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Looking for an easy way to navigate the chart? The solution is right here: Role and Circle Highlights! Add a pop of colour to roles and circles in the organization's chart to identify them, depending on the way they work.Β Β 

What are Role and Circle Highlights?

Based on role and circle fields, Highlights are feature presenting colours applied to roles and circles which contain certain information in their fields.

The colours will be applied to the chart and visible to all members, together with a legend based on the rules you defined. What is more, they can also be displayed in the public chart if your organization's settings are configured so.

πŸ“Œ Note: Role and Circle Highlights work for both Holarchy and Network of Teams charts.

Navigating Role and Circle Highlights

The Highlights can be easily navigated by all members. With the chart legend, you can filter the Highlights applied by Administrator by clicking on the chosen one's name. Decide which colour to leave to improve visibility of your chart.

πŸ“Œ Note: Members can decide which highlight to see on their chart only.

How to add Role and Circle Highlights to your chart?

πŸ‘€ Only Admins can manage the Role and Circle Highlights.

As an Admin, you can apply colours to your chart by defining certain rules. They depend on the content of the role and circle fields (set by default or customized). It is possible to define as many rules as you need!

To add highlights to your chart:

  • Click on your avatar and select Administration

  • Go to Chart settings

  • Click on Add highlight button

  • Enter the Highlight's name (it will be visible in the legend next to the chart)

  • Choose where to apply your Highlight to: roles, circles or both

  • Define the rule which the roles/circles need to match

  • Pick the Highlight colour

  • Click on Create to save the Highlight

πŸ“Œ Note: You can create more complex and multi-variant rules as needed.

After applying the Highlights for your organization, the chart will be automatically updated and the colours will be visible to all members. You can check how many roles and circles your Highlights match with:

What rules can be used for Highlights?

To make sure you can use the Highlights to match your roles and circles in the best way, we've created a variety of rules which can apply to only roles, only circles or both.

πŸ‘‰ Rules for Roles:

πŸ‘‰ Rules for Circles:

πŸ‘‰ Rules for both Roles and Circles:

How to edit or delete Role and Circle Highlights?

To edit or delete a Role or Circle Highlight, click on three dots menu on the right of the desired field:

When editing, you can modify all the fields completed when creating it. Click on Edit to save the changes:

πŸ“Œ Note: Editing or deleting a Role or Circle Highlight will automatically change the chart colours.

To change the order of the Highlights, simply hover the mouse to their left and drag them as desired. Changing their order in the administrative settings will likewise change the legend visible to all members on the main governance page.

Customizing role and circle fields

To personalize your organization's chart as much as possible, apart from the fields set by default, you can add extra custom role and circle fields:

  • Click on your avatar and select Administration

  • Go to Custom fields

  • Click on the Add custom field button

  • Complete the Name and Description

  • Select the type of your custom field:

    • Single select

    • Multiselect

    • Text

    • List

    • No display (field is created, contents are saved, but it does not show on role and circle pages)

  • Decide whether you would like to apply it to roles, circles or both

  • Click on Create field to confirm

The custom field will automatically appear on all roles and/or circles pages in your organization:

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