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In an agile organization, people usually fill one or more roles at a time, before taking on new accountabilities. Each individual organizes his time and his missions as they wish, making it difficult to assess the resources and energy that are actually devoted to each role of the organization.

For example, a person can be assigned to 4 roles in the organization and spend 80% of their time in the accountabilities of a particular role. Thus, 10 people assigned to a role may only represent half of a Full Time Equivalent (FTE), if they spend very little time on that role.

The Time Spent in Roles add-on allows you to have more visibility on the resources and efforts allocated to each role of the organization.

Time Spent in Roles allows:

  • Users to enter the approximate time he/she spends in each of their roles.

  • Members of the organization to have information on the number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) involved in each role of the circle.

  • Role in charge of the assignment within the circle to promote the role in a marketplace to invite other users to come and fill it.

  • Administrators to export this data in Excel.

Enter the Time Spent in each Role

Each user can enter the estimated time he/she spends in his roles. Time is entered in percentage based on a Full Time or Part Time basis expressed in number of days worked per month.

  • Click on the Profile icon

  • Click on Time Spent in Roles

  • For each role, slide the percentage runner-up to the desired value (%).

  • An “Other(s)” field is adjusted accordingly, allowing you to have a sum at 100%. It represents the Time users spend in other activities outside their roles.

Users have to review and update the time they spend in their role on a regular basis to ensure the reliability of Full Time Equivalent displayed in their organization.

Time in % is transformed into FTE and displayed the page of the associated roles and circles.

If a user works Full Time and spends 20% in a role, Holaspirit records 20% x 1 = 0.2 FTE on the role page. If a user works part-time (8 days a month) and spends 20% in a role. Holaspirit records 20% x 8 / 18.5 = 0.086 FTE on the role. Holaspirit considers a month as 18.5 days.

  • A form that adds up more than 100% cannot be validated. In others cases, the “Other(s)” field adjusts accordingly.

  • The date of the last update is displayed.

  • If a user resigns from his/her role or if his/her role is deleted, the “Other(s)” field adjusts accordingly.

After activating the add-on and for all the members that have captured the necessary information, the time spent in roles will show by clicking on their members profile in the Members module:

Display of FTEs on Roles and Circles page

Number of FTEs is available to all members of the organization on several pages:

  • The number of FTEs of a role is visible on the side panel of the role.

  • The number of FTEs of a circle is visible on the side panel of the circle. It equals the sum of the FTEs of the roles of the circle (we exclude the sub-circles).

📌 Note: Holaspirit displays the number of FTEs and indicates how many users have entered the time they spend in the role, as well as telling if the information is incomplete. You can see if 4 out of 6 holder of roles indicated their time, for example.

Promote Hiring Roles in the marketplace

This add-on allows the circle to have a better understanding on the number of ETP working in each role of the organization. Thus, the role in charge of assigning members to roles have more visibility on each role's resources and can better allocate members to roles.

An option also allows the role in charge of assignments in the circle to promote the role in a marketplace and invite members of the organization to fill it.

If no role in charge of assignments is defined locally, all members of the circle can promote the role in the marketplace.

  • Click on the 3 dots on the role card that is hiring or you would like to promote

  • Click on Hire members. The role will be promoted in the section Hiring Roles.

The Hiring Roles tab in the Role section in the left menu allows you to display all the roles that request more people.

Export data

The Time Spent in Roles add-on allows admin to export a list of the roles and their associated FTEs.

Check this article to see how you can export your organization's data.

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