As a Holaspirit admin, you are likely responsible for managing the members in your Organization—knowing who has access to Holaspirit and deprovisioning members when appropriate. To make member management even easier, you can download all the member and role data into an Excel spreadsheet, follow these steps.

Exporting members and roles

  • Click on your Profile icon and click on Administration

  • Go to the Manage users section of the Administration menu

  • Click on the icon at the top right corner

The CSV file will be automatically generated and will contain a spreadsheet with the following data for each member in your organization:

  • First Name, Name

  • Email address

  • Phone Number

  • Creation date

  • Member privilege

  • Location(s), skills and language(s)

  • Roles

  • % Time Spent in Roles (when the app is activated in your organization)

  • List of roles and circles of the organization (Purpose, Domains and Accountabilities)

Exporting your organization chart and roles

Go to your chart view

  • Click on the 3 dots

  • Export organization to PDF will trigger the download of your organization's roles (including role holders, purpose, domains and accountabilities)

  • Export Circle to PNG will give you a capture of your organization chart

Additional export

Looking to get additional statistics about your organization and circles' activities?

Go to Administration:

  • Click on Statistics. You will get an overview of statistics per circle

  • You may also export this information as an xls document .

The export includes data to help you track how your organization is evolving throughout time:

  • Total number of circles, roles and members

  • Role distribution

  • List of members

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