On Holaspirit, you'll find 4 types of members with different permission levels:

  • Users can access all pages, but can't invite members or modify organization settings.

  • Admins can access all pages, invite new members, modify organization settings and view or manage billing information.

  • Inactives are people inside or outside your organization that you invite to view your governance. A very limited role, Inactives can only view the governance tab, the members' directory and access the information about the roles and circles they are assigned to. They are free users.

  • Owner has total control over the account and only they can transfer ownership to another user. The person who creates the account automatically becomes the Owner.

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User Rights

Users have basic permissions and have access to all the features in the organization (except the admin features).

What can they do?

  • Hold multiple roles within the organization

  • Add new roles inside their circles

  • Edit or delete the roles inside their circles

  • Attach document to their roles

  • Participate to their circle's meetings

  • Add, edit and delete checklists, metrics, projects, actions and OKRs for their roles and circles

  • Be part of their circle's decision making processes

  • Access all the organization projects, actions and OKRs

  • Consult the Members directory

Notes :

  • Permissions also depend whether the user is part of a circle or not.
    Generally speaking, a user can add, edit and delete items only inside the circle they are part of.

  • A user can be defined as non-core member of a circle and be excluded from the governance decisions process of the circle. The member cannot vote on any governance proposal nor participate in the meetings of the circle.

Admin Rights

Administrators hold the highest level of access you can give a user. They can basically see and do anything including adding users or changing billing and subscription informations.

We advise to use the admin access with caution and give these rights only to people who explicitly need it.

What can they do?

Inactive Rights

👉 Inactive users are included with the Rise plan (limited to 100), Scale plan (limited to 300) and Enterprise plan (unlimited). Find out more!

What can they do?

Inactives are free users who can view the organization and the Members directory but have no rights to interact with the activities and roles. They can be assigned to roles or circles but won’t be able to take part into the decision making process.

Owner Rights

What can they do?

The Owner has the same rights as Admins with the addition of being able to delete the organization or change the organization's owner.

By default, the member who creates the organization becomes its owner.

How to edit a member?

Only Admins and the Owner can edit a user's information and privilege after they've been created.

Option 1

  • Navigate to the user card from the Members menu

  • Click Edit member at the top right corner

  • Edit what you deem necessary and click Save to confirm

Option 2

In the Administration section, go to the Manage users section.

  • Click on the 3 dots at the right side of the member you'd like to edit

  • Click on Edit member

  • Edit what you deem necessary and click Save to confirm

Note: If a user is part of more than one organizations, an Administrator cannot change the user's email address. Only the user can.

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