Holaspirit gives organizations the option of deciding between two different methods of how they would like governance changes to be handled within the organization. Descriptions of each and how to toggle between them are detailed below.

Changing your governance settings

  • Click on your profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu
  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Circle settings
  • Scroll down to Governance settings
  • Toggle either Open mode or Consent mode (both of which are detailed below)
  • Click Save

Open mode

Open mode allows all members of a circle to change that circle's governance without prior validation. There are no restrictions on who can make changes to what within a circle. However, all changes will still be reflected on the role’s activity feed, so anyone can still keep track of what changes have been made.

This is the default mode for startups and small companies where everyone knows who is making what changes. It might also be used be extremely experienced organizations with a culture of peer-to-peer trust and responsibility, as anyone can potentially make a significant change without warning.

Additionally, you would want to use Open mode when when just starting up your organization or if your company only consists of yourself or a small team. In these cases, the ability to immediately make many rapid changes without opening a meeting or waiting for responses from others (as is the case in Consent mode) will dramatically improve efficiency.

Consent mode

Consent mode allows all members to prepare and submit governance proposals to all members of the circle where the change is being proposed. The proposal will be automatically validated if no objection is raised within a certain time frame as set by the organization's governance outside of meeting settings.

This mode is intended primarily for Holacracy practitioners, as it respects the standard process of a proposal followed by the option for circle members to object. However, it also works in many organizational systems where a team is expected to all have a say prior to a change being adopted.

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