What are Inactive members?

Learn about inactive members and how to change inactive to an active member

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👉 Inactive members are included with the Rise (up to 100), Scale (up to 300) and Enterprise plans (unlimited). Find out more!

Inactive members are basically guest users. Because they can be contributors to your organization, they need to be visible in your structure and be able to view it, but don't participate in its operations and decisions.

What can Inactive members do?

Some members can hold the Inactive status within your organization, which gives them limited access to Holaspirit. From their account, they can only access the Governance and Members apps.

They can:

  • Be assigned or elected to any roles

  • Be added to circles without holding a role within them, as a Member without a role

  • Access and view the operations (projects, actions & OKRs) of all circles, unless the circle is private.

  • If the Time spent in roles add-on is enabled for their organization, they can capture and update the time spent in each of the roles they're assigned to.

They cannot:

  • Take part in the operations of their circles (projects, actions, OKRs)

  • Join meetings, participate in the decision process (submitting and voting on proposals)

📌 Note: The assignation process for Inactive members is the same as the one for active members (Users and Admins).

How to add an Inactive member?

To add Inactive members to your organization, you must:

👤 Be an Administrator

✔️ Be on the Rise, Scale or Enterprise plan

To add an Inactive member:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Go to Manage users and click on Add member

  • Fill in the member’s information (name and email address)

  • Choose Inactive

  • Click on Create member

After being added to the organization, the member will receive an invitation email to access the platform.

How to turn an Inactive member into an active one?

Inactive members do not require a licence as they are included in your plan up to a certain limit. If at one point, you decide to turn an Inactive member into an active User, make sure to have enough licences included in your subscription!

👤 Only Admins can edit members and change their status.

To change a member's status, you need to edit the Inactive member and turn them into a User or an Admin. You can either do it from the Administration settings in the Manage Users section, or directly from the member's profile by clicking on the Edit member button.

When and Inactive member is turned into an active User, their access to Holaspirit changes. That's why they automatically become decision makers (core-members) of all the roles and circles they were already assigned to, allowing them to participate in the operations, meetings and decisions of their circles.

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