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✍️ Holaspirit's Release Note (2023)
✍️ Holaspirit's Release Note (2023)
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⭐️ 2023


22nd of November

🧪 Experiments Update : Projects app

🚀 These features are available as part of the new Projects app in Experimental Features mode. Enable the experiment, try it out and share your insights with us!

New and exciting features have been added to the Projects app!

Let's take a look...

🎚️ Switch between the Kanban and List view

You can now choose to work on your project board using the Kanban view and the List view, offering you a brand new perspective to manage your tasks.

You can...

  • Switch between the Kanban and List views with a simple button

  • Visualise your board's tasks' level structure

  • Filter by labels on boths views

  • Easily access all the information you need with each global view

🏗️ Add a custom progress bar to your task

Every task's progress can be related to something specific that you define. That's why we made it possible to add a progress bar to each task to help you track it's progress!

You can...

  • Add a progress bar to any task

  • Customize its name, symbol and value

  • Update your progress and track it in the task's Activity log

  • View the progress bar on all views (Kanban & List) to easily follow up

📌 Easily update tasks' due dates

We know our users use due dates on tasks to prioritize them, both within a global project, and as their level to organize their to-dos.

We're making easier to update due dates from anywhere and follow up on them :

  • Update a task's due date directly from the Kanban or List view

  • Every action taken (add, edit, delete on due dates appears in the task's Activity log

👍 Improvement

We're enriching Holaspirit's text editor!

You can now :

  • Create checklists

  • Highlight text with colour

  • Ade code inline formatting

2nd of November

🔥 Experiments Update : new Projects app

🚀 This feature is available as part of the new Projects app via the Experimental Features mode. Enable the experiment, try it out and share your insights with us!

Because our users are at the ❤️ of what we do, we've listened to the first wave of feedback you shared with us to improve the new Projects app and...

We've revamped the "My tasks" view!

🆕 What's new?

Task level-structured view

With the ability to create several subtask levels, the level-structured view allows you to expand tasks and display their subtasks on three levels. This makes the tree structure easier to understand, while allowing you to filter and sort and highlight the desired tasks.

Differentiate between the two types of tasks

Tasks are displayed in two distinct sections:

👉 Off- board tasks

The tasks assigned to you as a member, as part of a role or a circle, and are not part of a project board. They only show in the assignees' My tasks > Off-board tasks view.

👉 Board tasks

They are the tasks assigned to you as a member or as part of a role, and are part of a project board. They show in the assignees' My tasks > Board tasks view, and in the project board itself.


18th of October

👍 Improvements

Duplicate circles and all their levels

To facilitate the mapping of your organization, you can now copy a circle and include all the roles and sub-circles within it, in one single action!

View Key Results assignations in OKRs' Activity log

To make tracking the actions taken on Key Results even better, you can now view, in the OKR's Activity log, when and who assigned/unassigned members to KRs!

4th of October

🔥 New Experiment: Projects 2.0

To make managing your projects even better, we're releasing a new (and exciting) experiment: one app to work on your projects and actions all in one place!

🧠 Good to know: Enabling Projects' Experimental mode does not affect your existing actions and projects. You can carry on working on them, and creating new ones, using this new version. If you decide to disable the Experimental mode, you'll go back to the current version to find all the work you've done still available.

⭐ What's new?

  • Actions and Projects become Tasks to give you more flexibility
    Tasks can be used in a board to work on projects, but also on their own as reminders or personal to-dos.

  • Work with three dedicated views all in one place
    Use the three views to quickly navigate your tasks and boards.

  • Create as many levels of subtasks within your tasks
    You can add a task, within a task, within a task... without limitation.

  • Move tasks from your workspace to existing project boards
    Use the Move task button at the bottom of the task's side-panel to relocate your task. You can send it to a board, and even choose the column it will land in!

  • Pin the boards you wish to have quick access to
    You can pin the boards, so they appear in a dedicated section at the top, to easily access the boards you're a member of or follow other circles' boards.

  • View the members assigned to boards
    Access the list of all members assigned to à project board to have an overview of who's working on it.

  • Access the Activity log of the board
    Keep an eye on all actions taken in that project board: tasks added, archived, duplicated, moved checked... and more!


6th of September

⭐ New feature: Role and Circle Highlights

Add a pop of colour on the roles and circles of your chart to make navigation easier for all members of your organization!

This feature is available on all Holaspirit plans. 👍

As an Admin...

  • Create Highlights for your entire organization in Administration > Chart Settings

  • Set up rules to add colour to the roles and/or circles depending on their type (core, vacant, transversal...), their content, if they're linked to a role template... the options are endless!

  • Use the drag'n'drop feature to order the highlights and make the legend as clear as can be for all members.

As a Member...

Use the legend to filter the highlights and navigate easily through the different role and circle of your organization

Want to learn more about Highlights?
👉 Understanding Highlights
👉 Manage Highlights as an Admin


⭐ Highlights are getting an upgrade!

Because our users are at the heart of our developments, we've listened and worked hard on bringing you the best version of the Highlights !

Activate the Highlights feature in the Experimental features section to try them out.

What's new with Highlights?

Now you can...

  • Apply Highlights to roles and circles!

  • Use the new rules to set up your Highlights such as the role type (if it's a core role, transversal role, elected role...), if the roles are linked to a template or simply select specific roles and circles you wish to apply colour to.

  • As an Admin, order the Highlights in the Administration's chart settings so the legend visible to all members is clear.

👍 Improvements on decision-makers

To make Admins' lives easier, an Inactive member turned active (User or Admin) automatically becomes a decision-maker member in the circles they're assigned to.

Because being part of the full operational scope in your team is crucial, we've made it possible for non decision-makers members of a circle to participate in meetings.

They can import their tensions and access the meeting on Holaspirit, but cannot create meetings, be meeting Secretary or create/import proposals.


31st of May

👍 Improvements

Our users have shared feedback on the Role Highlights , currently available with the Experimental features mode and we listened:

  • All members can now filter the highlighted roles on their chart!
    Click on the highlight name in the legend so they're even easier to spot.

  • We've improved the contrast between the title of the role and its highlight to make sure any colour can be used.

Another improvement has been made to the chart search: when searching for roles and circles in the chart, they will appear more clearly.

16th of May

⭐ New feature: API management in Admin

To make our users more autonomous in managing their API, Admins can now generate and manage their organization's Holaspirit API access tokens directly from the Administration settings.

3rd of May

🔥 New Experimental Feature: Role Highlights

You want to add a pop of colour to your organizational chart? Now you can!

We've made a whole new feature which allows you, as an Admin, to define colours for roles depending on their content. These roles show in a colour on all members chart to help identify what they are or how they work.

We're very excited to announce that Role Highlights are now available for testing!

To access the Role Higlights feature, enable the Experimental features mode on your platform. If you activate the as an Admin and define highlights for roles, all members which have activated the Experimental features for the Role Highlights will be able to see them on their chart.

Because we really want to hear what you have to say about this feature, you can share your feedback, suggestions and ideas directly on Holaspirit. We look forward to reading your feedback! 😊

⭐ New features

New OKRs Timeline view

Following feedback from our users during the Experimental features phase, we decided to enrich the different OKRs views! The Timeline view can be used to view OKRs, but also those of the whole organization, with the possibility of grouping OKRs by circle. The List and Hierarchy views remain to allow users to work on their OKRs with the view they prefer.

Custom OKRs Timeframe frequencies

To allow organizations to further customize their OKR timeframes, Admins are now able to set custom OKR frequencies to match the way they work.


12th of April

⭐ New feature: mention members across your organization

To facilitate asynchronous collaboration and communication, you can now mention members across your organization!

Using the @ + name formula to easily tag any member in the content of your organization: from the circle and role fields, to your operations content (Projects, OKRs, Proposals...).

But what is a mention without notification? We thought of everything! When mentioning a member in the comment section of a card of any type, they will receive an email notification. This is the only case in which the member is notified.

Because we want every member to be in charge of their notification, they can decide to disable the mention notification in their notification settings.

Improvement on the new Publications app

As you already know, the new Publications app is currently available for testing by enabling the Experimental Features mode on your platform. From there, you can use the full scope of the app and start working on your publications!

Following our users first feedbacks, we've already made some changes!

Now, you can...

  • Add tables to your publications thanks to the improved editor.

  • Mention other publications directly in the content with a dynamic link to improve navigation between the different publications. Use the # + publication name formula.

  • Apply consent decision-making to the publications that have no publication type assigned to them.


29th of March

⭐ New features & Improvements

Check out the new OKRs Timeline view!

To simplify even more how our users work with clarity and visibility on their OKRs, we've created a new view for the 'My OKRs' section. Clearly visualize your OKRs all set up in a timeline according to their timeframe.

This feature hasn't been released yet, but you can already test it out by enabling it in Experimental Features and share your feedback with our team!

👉 More about the OKRs Timeline view

We've made it easier to work with Transversal Roles

To further improve collaboration and transversality between teams, the rules for adding transversal roles are simplified. It's now possible for all roles (except Core Roles) to be invited to work in other circles. This means that roles created from a template, the ones in charge of the assignment in a circle, or even Main Roles can be made transversal.

Another new (amazing) feature: circles can be invited to participate in another circle as a role. When this happens, the members assigned to the Lead and Rep role are assigned to the transversal role!

1st of March

⭐ New features & Improvements

The notion of Core Member is simplified

To make it easy to assign all members to roles and manage their decision making status, we've made a few changes. Now you can:

  • Turn circle members into non decision-makers (non-core members) in the circle. This status prevents them from joinin meetings and participate in the governance decisions of the circle. However, they're still be able to work on the circle's operations (projects, actions, and OKRs). Read more

  • Assign Inactive members to Core and Elected roles.

  • Add Inactive members to the circle as members without a role. Read more

📌 Note: No matter what roles Inactive members are assigned to, their access remains restricted to a view-only status.

Easily turn Inactive members into active Users

When an Inactive member is assigned to a role, they cannot participate in the operations or decisions of the circle. If an inactive member is turned into an active member by making them User or Admin, their existing role assignations are automatically modified. They will automatically be made decision-makers (core-members) of the roles they were already assigned to, allowing them to participate in the operations and decisions of their team on Holaspirit. Read more

Customize your organization's public URL

Admins can now customize the URL that allows access to the public version of their organization. They can also embed their organization's structure to any other website, all that in a specific section in the Administration settings! Read more

Follow-up on invitations for new members

When an active member (User or Admin) is created, the email invitation is automatically sent. If the member does not log in, an automatic reminder is sent 24 hours and 7 days after they've been added to the organization. To help Admins keep an eye on invitations, they now can view if the invitation email has been sent and when. Read more

The OKR tab is added to members profile

The OKR section is now available on the members profile, allowing access to the OKR they're assigned to.

Comment on Metrics and Checklists

Metrics and checklists can only be reviewed during meetings. To simplify collaboration, we've added a comment section, so members can communicate and add information.


22nd of February

👍 Improvement

Because members can be part of several organizations, being able to easily switch being their different workspaces is crucial.

Before, if two of your organizations were configured with different authentication methods (SAML, Google SSO...), members could not switch from one organization to the other via the drop-down list in their app. Instead, they would have to logout and log back in using the authentication method in place in the organization they wanted to access. The struggle is over!

Now, if you login with your email and password, and need to access another organization configured with Google/SAML for example, the platform will facilitate the switch by offering the other login method automatically. This means you can easily switch from one organization to another using the drop down-list on your platform!

20th of February

🔥 New Experimental Feature: Publications

You want to improve documentation in your organization and make collaborating on processes easy and transparent? We've built a whole new app for that. We're very excited to announce that the new Publications app is now available for testing!

To access Publications, it's simple: enable the Experimental features mode on your platform. From there, you'll be able to use the full scope of the app and start working on publications.

The best part about testing new features is sharing feedback. We really want to hear what you have to say so we can make this new app even better! That's why you can share your feedback, suggestions and ideas directly on Holaspirit.

We look forward to reading your feedback! 😊


19th of January

👍 Improvements

A new interface to manage provisioning (SCIM)

A dedicated section is now available in the Administration settings (Authentication) to allow Admins to retrieve the provisioning token autonomously. This new interface allows to choose if, when they first login to Holaspirit, members will be created as "User" or "Inactive".

OKRs improvements

  • When an OKR's timeframe has been reached, it is now displayed in orange so you can easily identify which ones need to be reviewed and updated.

  • After you update a Key Result, the change show in the "Activity" section of the OKR card.

Also, to make working with Inbox easier, when a circle is assigned to a tension/note, it is now displayed on the card in the general view.

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