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Connect Holaspirit to other apps to easily embed it in your workflow. Holaspirit has integrations with multiple services – take a look at the overview below.

📌 Note: There are different types of integration in Holaspirit — for Circles and for Users. The different types of integrations determine how they can be installed, used and managed on Holaspirit.

Apps for Circles

Import your Holaspirit projects to other apps:

  • Asana

  • Basecamp

  • Trello

When creating a project in Holaspirit, it will be sent to your preferred app.

Apps for getting notifications

Receive Holaspirit notifications via other services.

  • Slack: Post to Slack, @mention users, submit proposals and receive Holaspirit notifications in your channel.

  • Microsoft Teams: Get notified of Holaspirit events directly in your conversation channel.

  • Outgoing webhooks: Use webhooks to send or retrieve information between Holaspirit and other external tools.

How to install integrations?

Authorize and install the app from the Circle settings.

Admin and Circle admin can install integration.

  • Go to the Circle page, click on the 3 dots and select Settings

  • Choose the app you want to install and click Activate.

The app will be installed for all members of the circle.

📌 Note: You will need to authorize the connection between Holaspirit and the other app. Please follow the synchronization steps to confirm the installation.

When the app are installed

If you opt to install a Project app:

  • Projects won't be accessible in Holaspirit anymore. The Projects tab on your circle page shows a link to the external app that is set up.

  • All the circle's projects created in meetings in Holaspirit will automatically be sent to the integrated app.

If you opt to install a notification app:

  • Notifications about Holaspirit events are sent directly to Slack or Teams channel.

  • Email notifications aren't automatically turned off.

Apps for tasks management

If you use Omnifocus or Todoist, easily connect these tools to your Holaspirit's Actions and make it easier to track your tasks.

How to install and authorize the app

  • Go to My account

  • Click on Integrations

  • Click on Activate next to the chosen integration

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