How to set up outgoing Webhooks?

Learn how to use outgoing webhooks

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Outgoing webhooks can be used to gather organization information and integrate with external services. Once configured, events will fire to the URL(s) of your choice and can be used to create applications for various purposes, such as notifications and reporting.

Outgoing Webhooks integrations of Holaspirit allow you to generate calls for the following triggers:

  • Project creation / update / deletion

  • OKR creation / update / deletion

  • Action creation / update / deletion

  • Checklist creation / update

  • Metric creation / update

  • Publication creation / update

  • Role and Circle creation / update / deletion

  • Policy creation / update / deletion

  • Tension accepted / refused

  • Assignation to Role

  • Assignation to Circle

For example, it's possible to use outgoing Webhooks with Zapier, to send information to any service supported by Zapier:

The integration consists in linking a circle on Holaspirit with a specific URL.

How to Enable Webhooks for a circle

If you want to receive webhooks for many circles, you need to configure each circle.

To link circle's activities to an outgoing Webhook:

  • Go to the circle you want to set up the integration for.

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the page and select Settings.

  • Click the Integrations tab. Then select the Activate button to install Outgoing Webhooks.

  • Click on Create a new outgoing webhook.

  • Fill the URL given by the service and the Channel which is a name for your outgoing Webhook and submit.

Delete the link between a circle and an outgoing Webhook

If you want to delete the link between a circle and an outgoing Webhook, you just need to click on the trash near the concerned Webhook.

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