If you use Omifocus or TodoIst, Holaspirit allows you to link one of these applications in minutes to better organize the actions of your roles or your individual actions outside Holaspirit.

How does it work?

Integrating such a tool allows you to automatically send your actions in Holaspirit to these applications.

By activating this integration, your current actions, created during meetings or outside, will not be displayed in the Actions module of Holaspirit. In concrete terms, we do not delete your actions in Holaspirit, it will be hidden on the platform allowing you to manage your actions directly within the application TodoIst or Omnifocus - and avoiding all duplicates!

Quick tip: copy-paste your current actions into the external application before activating the integration.

Only new actions (created after the integration) will be automatically sent to the external application in the inbox of Todoist or Omnifocus.

How to integrate Omnifocus and Todoist?

  • Click on your Profile icon in the navigation menu

  • Click on My account

  • Click on Integrations

  • Click on Activate to activate the application you wish to connect with Holaspirit

  • Integrating an application usually opens a pop-up window, simply click on Activate and fill in the login details to validate the activation


  • These integrations only work for Actions of a role or Individual Actions. Projects and checklists will not be sent to the application. Projects are linked to circles and can be integrated to project management tools.

  • The synchronization to these applications only works in one direction. It means that if you create an action from the application, it won't copy in Holaspirit. Likewise, an action sent and updated in your task-management application will not be updated in Holaspirit.

  • Your actions will be again available for consultation in Holaspirit if you disable the integration in the view Completed Actions.

  • When a role is energized by multiple members, one of whom has activated the integration, a message will explain that the Action view of the role is incomplete.

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