Note: Activate the Experiments mode to test early versions of the features before anyone else! What's the catch? Just share your feedback so we can keep improving!

Latest Experiment 🔥

  • Our team has enabled an experiment to test a new Inbox view on Holaspirit. Many of you have shared ideas and feedback to improve the app and we've integrated most of them in these improvements.

  • Help us build the new Publications app! Published documentation is one of the best ways for companies to share knowledge with their communities, but maintenance is often a burden and outdated docs are worse than none at all.

    We want to help you turn documentation from a chaos into a conversation and build the features you need. A valued member of Holaspirit, you're invited to share your insights in this short survey!

Share your feedback

You can easily spot the features available for testing on Holaspirit: a lightbulb icon saying "share your feedback" is visible next to the app's name. If you click on it, you'll be able to tell us what you think with an emoji and a comment.

Your feedback comes straight back to the team for review, don't hesitate to share every thought, bug, idea, suggestion with us!

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