Love trying new features? Want to provide feedback and help make Holaspirit even better? Join our testing community!

👥 All Holaspirit users can access the Experiments section.

👉 Click here for an overview of the features currently available for testing!

Note: Experiments may be less stable than the features officially released to the public. This means the app may crash, or some features might not work in the best way.

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Enable Experiments

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Spot the features and share feedback


How to enable and disable Experiments?

Enable Experiments

  • Click on your profile icon in the bottom left corner

  • Select Experiments

  • Click on the toggle for it so become blue

When the experiment mode is enabled, the ON button shows in pink in your menu.

Disable Experiments

You no longer want to test new features? No problem!

Here's how to disable Experiments:

  • Click on your profile icon

  • Select Experiments

  • Click on the toggle for it to become grey

  • When the experiment mode is disabled, the OFF button shows in blue in your menu.

How to spot the test features and share my feedback?

You can easily spot the features available for testing on Holaspirit: a lightbulb icon saying "share your feedback" is visible next to the app's name. If you click on it, you'll be able to tell us what you think with an emoji and a comment.

Your feedback comes straight back to the team for review, don't hesitate to share every thought, bug, idea and suggestion with us!

You can always refer to the Experiments Lab article to learn more about the features you can try out. We make sure to keep it up to date!


What happened to Holaspirit beta?

The beta program has been replaced by Experiments. It ultimately works the same way, except that it's now easier and faster to test new features before they're launched.

What happens to my feedback?

When sharing your input on Holaspirit, it's sent directly to our Product and Customer Success teams. This means every feedback is read and taken into account. We value our user's input and want to make sure you know you're listened to.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions or need guidance, you can get in touch with our Support team on the online assistance chat, we're here to help.

How long can I test features for?

It depends on the features themselves and on the feedback we receive from our users. Some improvements and changes might require more discussion than others!

How do I know if the features I tested will become available?

When new features and improvements are released on the platform, we let you know though the Need help? menu. Watch out for the notification dot, and access our release note to learn about what's new on Holaspirit!

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