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πŸš€ Activate the Experimental Features mode to test early versions of the features before anyone else! What's the catch? Just share your feedback so we can keep improving!

πŸ”₯ Latest Experimental features

Projects 2.0

To make managing your projects even better, we're releasing a new (and exciting) experiment: one app to work on your projects and actions all in one place!

🧠 Good to know: Enabling Projects' Experimental mode does not affect your existing actions and projects. You can carry on working on them, and creating new ones, using this new version. If you decide to disable the Experimental mode, you'll go back to the current version to find all the work you've done still available.

⭐ What's new?

  • Level-structured view
    ​Expand your tasks and display their subtasks on three levels.

  • Distinguish your tasks in and off board
    Quickly identify the tasks that contribute to a project boards and the ones that don't.

  • Actions and Projects become Tasks to give you more flexibility
    ​Tasks can be used in a board to work on projects, but also on their own as reminders or personal to-dos.

  • Work with three dedicated views all in one place
    ​Use the three views to quickly navigate your tasks and boards.

  • Create as many levels of subtasks within your tasks
    ​You can add a task, within a task, within a task... without limitation.

  • Move tasks from your workspace to existing project boards
    ​Use the Move task button at the bottom of the task's side-panel to relocate your task. You can send it to a board, and even choose the column it will land in!

  • Pin the boards you wish to have quick access to
    ​You can pin the boards, so they appear in a dedicated section at the top, to easily access the boards you're a member of or follow other circles' boards.

  • View the members assigned to boards
    ​Access the list of all members assigned to Γ  project board to have an overview of who's working on it.

  • Access the Activity log of the board
    ​Keep an eye on all actions taken in that project board: tasks added, archived, duplicated, moved checked... and more!

The Publications app

You want to improve documentation in your organization and make collaborating on processes easy and transparent? We've built a whole new app for that. We're very excited to announce that the new Publications app is now available for testing!

Spot features and share my feedback

You can easily spot the features available for testing on Holaspirit with the Experimental features button is visible. It will show in green as "ON" if it's enabled.

To share your feedback, either click on the Experimental features button and click on Share feedback.

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