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Learn how to access New Features, Latest Evolutions, Release Note, Help Center and Support Chat

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You want to keep track of the latest improvements made to Holaspirit, consult our Help Center articles or speak to a member of our Customer Support team?

👉 You can do all that directly from the Need help? menu.

🆕 What's new?

The Holaspirit team is constantly working to improve your experience on the platform. To make sure you're up to date, watch out for the notification dot on the Need Help menu!

When clicking on What's new? you will be redirected to our Release note. This article lists and explains the most recent features, improvements, evolutions and bug fixes implemented on Holaspirit.

🎓 Help Center

Click on Help Center to be redirected to the library of articles about Holaspirit.

Our Help Center offers over 150 articles to help you use Holaspirit: from learning how to get started on the platform as a member, to building your organization as an administrator, use the search bar to find the answer you're looking for.

💬 Chat with us

If you have a question, a request or a suggestion about Holaspirit, get in touch with our online Support team via your messenger.

To access your messenger, click on Need Help? and select Chat with us.

From your messenger, you can also:

  • Access old conversations in Messages

  • Search for and consult our Help Center articles in Help

  • Check out what's new on Holaspirit in your News feed

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