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How to configure my notification settings?
How to configure my notification settings?

Learn how to get email notifications

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Holaspirit is set up to notify members about the activities of their circles as reminders or to keep them in the loop when updates have been made within their teams.

When you first sign up to Holaspirit, all email notifications are turned on by default for all circles you are part of.

Configure your notifications

You may choose what type of notifications you wish to receive for each circle in the organization.

To define your preferences:

  • Click on your profile icon and select My account

  • Go to Notifications

Notifications for your circles

In the top section Your circles, you can see the circles you are part of.

  • If you don't wish to receive any email notification for a circle, simply untick the box next to its name:

  • If you only wish to be notified of selected activities, untick the box below the notification type you're not interested in:

Follow other circles

In the Followed circles section, you can decide to follow another circle's activities without being one of its members.

To follow a circle:

  • Click on Follow a circle

  • Select the desired circle in the drop-down list

📌 Note: To unfollow a circle, untick the box next to its name to disable all notifications and click on the Save button to confirm.

📌 Note: Be careful! Email notifications might have been disabled for your organisation. If so, a message will show to let you know.

Tip: You can also access the notification settings directly from the circle page:

  • Click on the three dots in the top right of the circle page

  • Select Notifications

📌 Note: This only applies to your own notifications, not all the members of your circle.

What do you get email notifications for?

As a member of the organization, you will be notified of different events and activities within your circle(s).

They fall under four categories:

  • Meeting reports - Receive the meeting report after a meeting is closed.

  • Meetings - New meetings are scheduled or edited, and you are reminded of upcoming meetings (24 hours in advance).

  • Evolutions - Governance evolutions (elections, editing a circle, adding or deleting a role...) made in and outside meetings and publications created in the Documents tab of the circle page, as well as a mention in a comment added to the publications.

  • Assignations – You have been assigned to a role, action, project or OKR within the circle or removed from a role.

  • Mentions - You have been mentioned in a comment.

Tip: Hover over each notification type to know what they include!

To manage your mention notifications, enable or disable the toggle next to "Notify me when mentioned in comments".

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