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Disable email notifications for your organization
Disable email notifications for your organization

Learn how to disable email notifications

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Disable email notifications to get a handle of the platform before launching your organization. When you're ready with the design of your chart and want to go live with your Holaspirit platform, simply enable it again !

How to enable or disable emails for my organization?

👤 Only Admins can manage this setting.

  • Click on your profile icon and go to Administration

  • In General settings, scroll down to Disable emails

  • Select No – all members of your organization will receive email notifications

  • Select Yes – only Admins will receive notifications, Users won’t get any emails (not even the invitation email)

  • Click on Save

What happens when email notifications are disabled?

Disabling email notifications for your organization means that:

  • Users don’t get any emails (not even the invitation email), even after being added to the organization or when changes are made.

  • Admins are still notified of changes made in your organization.

This setting allows you to make changes to your organization’s structure, roles, circles and assignment without notifying its users.

When email notifications are disabled, an informative banner will show for Admins. You can click on the Change settings button to manage email notifications.

Also, a message will show for all members in their notification settings to let them know email notifications have been disabled for their organization.

Inviting new members when email notifications are disabled

Tip: Disable notifications before adding new users so you can get everything ready before inviting them to the platform. (Read more)

When emails are disabled for your organization, users do not get the invitation email or notifications. If you add members while this setting is activated, make sure to re-send the email invitation after disabling it.

Follow these instructions to re-send the invitation email, either to your whole organization or to selected members.

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