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How to mention members on Holaspirit?
How to mention members on Holaspirit?
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To facilitate asynchronous collaboration and communication in your organization, you can mention members pretty much anywhere on Holaspirit. In certain cases, they'll even receive an email notification for the mention!

How to mention a member?

👥 All members part of the organization can mention and be mentioned on Holaspirit, no matter their status (Admin, User or Inactive).

To mention a member:

  • Type @ in chosen text field

  • Enter name of the member you wish to mention

  • Select the member from the dropdown list

Where to mention a member?

Mentioning a member is possible in any text field on your platform!

You can mention them in:

  • The content of roles and circles: their purpose, accountabilities, strategy, policies or domains.

  • The Description and Activity sections of all types of cards: Actions, Projects, Checklists, Metrics, OKRs, Tensions and Proposals.

  • The content and comment section of Publications

When are members notified?

When mentioning members across your organization, they only receive an email notification when they mentioned in the Activity section of a card in a comment.

When mentioned anywhere else, members don't receive any kind of notification.

📌 Note: Only active members (Admins & Users) can be notified, Inactive members do not receive any notification when mentioned.

Configure your notifications settings to make sure you don't miss any email notifications when someone mentions you!

  • Click on your profile icon and select My Account

  • Go to Notifications

  • Toggle the button Notify me when mentioned in comments

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