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What are Main roles?

Main roles are basically the roles within your organization that you want to be highlighted in your circles, as they might be the driving force or even the structure base of your circle.

📌 Note: All members assigned to Main roles are core members by default.

How to define the Main roles in your organization?

👤 Only Admins can access and manage the organization's circle settings.

⚠️ Important: Core roles must first be defined in the organization's Circle settings. You can only select the roles from the Core roles you've chosen. If no Core roles are in place, no roles will show for you to select.

To define the Main roles in your organization:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • In the Circles section, access on Circle settings

  • Scroll down to the Main roles section

  • In the drop-down list, select the core roles you want to define as Main roles

  • Click Save to confirm

The roles selected will show under Main roles, at the top of the role list, in all the circles of your organization.

Go view all the Main roles in your organization from your Chart settings !

How to define Main roles at the circle level?

👤 Only circle admins can access and manage their circle's settings.

Because not all teams work the same way, circles can personalize their circle settings to fit their way of working. By modifying its own settings, a circle becomes independent and all current and future circle settings defined at the organization level won't apply.

Only Admins can re-synchronize a circle's settings with the ones defined in Administration using the Circle dashboard.

This means that the Main roles defined for the organization don't apply and the circle can define its own Main roles.

To define Main roles for your circle:

  • Go to the circle page

  • Click on the three dots in the top right and select Settings

  • Go to the General tab

  • In the Main roles section, select the role(s) you want to be highlighted from all the roles existing in the circle

  • Click Save to confirm

📌 Note: To remove a Main role, simply click on the "x" next to it.

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