The Publications app centralizes all your organization's publications to facilitate searchability for its members. To make it even easier, you can create and customize publications types for your organization, and categorize your documentation.

👤 Only Admins can manage Publications types.

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Create a publication type

To add a publication type:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Go to Publications settings

  • Click on the Add publication type button

  • Capture the name and description

  • Choose a colour

  • Click Save to confirm

Tip: Using the description to clarify the type of publication will make it easier for members to understand which category their publication falls under.

📌 Note: Publication types can only be configured for the entire organization, not for circles only.

How to edit or delete a publication type

Publications comes with default types which you can keep, but also edit or delete.

To edit a publication type, click on the three dots next to it and select Edit publication type. Make your modifications and click Save to confirm.

To delete a publication type, click on the three dots next to it and select Delete publication type. Click Confirm to validate its permanent deletion.

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