How to add and publish a publication?

Learn how to create and publish a publication

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Documentation constantly evolves, the same way your organization does. That's why adding and publishing content should be easy, and it is!

Create a publication

👥 Members can only create publications for their circle(s).

To add a new publication:

  • Go to your Publications app

  • Click on the Add a publication button

  • Capture your publication's title

  • Assign a circle

  • Assign a role (optional)

  • Define a publication type (optional)

When adding a new publication, a collaborative edition will automatically be opened for the members of the circle assigned to the publication. It can be found as a Draft in the members' Work in progress section, so they can join the edition.

📌 Note: When a publication shows as a Draft, it means it has never been published before.

You can add external members to collaborate!

Only the members of the circle that is assigned to the publication can join the edition. However, to open transversality, external contributors from other circles can be invited to collaborate on the publication. Add external members to the publication by clicking on the Member icon.

📌 Note: Any member of the circle can add external contributors to the publication.

Publish your new publication

Once you, and potentially other contributors, are set on a final version, your publication can be published. The publishing process depends on the decision-making mode applied in your organization or your circle.

If free mode is applied, members can make changes to the publications of their circle or the ones they've been added to, without needing approval from their team. This is the default setting for publications.

To publish a publication, simply click Publish in the top right.

If consent mode is applied, publications will require for the circle members' consent before being published. Members can submit the version of the publication they worked on to their circle for approval, either in a meeting or asynchronously through a proposal.

📌 Note: While a publication proposal is submitted, it will show as such with a blue label in the Work in progress section of the app. The publications submitted in a proposal cannot be modified or opened for collaborative edition.

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