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The Publications app is a great tool to work together with your team on content and processes, without being in the same room. If facilitates communication and transparency with simple features!

What is collaborative edition?

With Publications, members can work together in real time, thanks to collaborative edition. This process helps people to collaborate better and makes sure everyone is involved in documenting content in their team.

Collaborative edition allows circles to open a new version of the publication, so all circle-members can work on it asynchronously at the same time. The goal is to take into account all voices which can bring useful input, and who better than those who do the work?

Anyone in the circle can open a publication for collaborative edition: once an existing publication is opened to be updated, or if it has just been created, all circle members can join in. The publication will be open to edition until it's published.

Who can join the edition?

Only the members of the circle assigned to the publication can participate in its edition, but external contributors can also be invited to collaborate on the publication.

To add a member from a different circle to collaborate on the publication, simply add them to the publication by clicking on the Member icon.

๐Ÿ“Œ Notes:

  • Any member of the circle can add external contributors to the publication.

  • To add an external member, the edition has to be open.

How to open and join the edition?

Open the edition of a publication

  • Access the Publications app

  • Go to My publications

  • Click on the publication of your choice to view it

  • Click on the blue Edit button to open edition

Collaborative edition is now open for this publication, as it's marked with the yellow label Edit in progress in the top left.

Join the edition of a publication

You can access the collaborative edition on a publication two ways:

  1. From My publications, click on the publication and then on the yellow Join edition button in the top right.

2. From Work in progress, where the publications open for collaborative edition appear as already open. They're labelled as Draft if they have never been published, or as Edit in progress if a previous version has been published but is being modified.

Simply click on the publication to directly join the edition.

When several members are working on the same publication, they can see others' cursors in real time. This means that all members can modify the publication at the same time, while working on one common version!

Close the edition

To close and stop the collaborative edition of a publication, click on the three dots in the top right, select Cancel edition, and click Delete.

โš ๏ธ All the updates made to the publications will be lost and this version deleted. The publication will go back to the original version.

Use comments and mention members

To help collaboration flow, you can use the publications themselves to communicate with the members of your circle.
Access the comment section by clicking on the speech bubble, and start sharing important information, asking questions and kickstart collaboration!

๐Ÿ“Œ Notes:

  • If many members use the comment section, feel free to filter the comments by their status (closed or open) to keep track of everything.

  • Comments and mentions are only available while the edition is open.

Click on + Add comment to start a new comment thread, and mention members directly with @ + their name (pick them in the list). The members will receive an email notification to access the comment on the publication, and reply.

Once the thread is done with, the information has been shared or the question solved, click on the check icon to close the thread. You can also click on the trash icon at any time to delete your comment.

To make your comments more specific, highlight content and click on the speech bubble icon. When consulting your comment, members will have access to the context and easily know what you're talking about.

Publishing collaborative work

Working collaboratively doesn't mean everyone gets to publish the final version. Publishing usually depends on the decision mode applied to your organization's publications.

The two decision modes available on Holaspirit can be applied to publications:

Free mode is applied

Everyone can make changes to the publications of their circle, without needing approval. This is the default setting for publications.

To publish a publication, simply click Publish in the top right.

Consent mode is applied

Publications will require for the circle members' consent before being published.

When Consent mode is in place, members can submit the version of the publication they worked on to their circle for approval, either in a meeting or asynchronously through a proposal.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: While a publication proposal is submitted, the publications cannot be modified or opened for collaborative edition.

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