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Learn about role and circle highlights

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What is a Highlight?

A Highlight is a colour which is applied to the roles and/or circles of your organizational chart, defined by Admins through a set of specific rules. These colours are visible by all members and allow for everyone to have a clear overview of the organization's structure as well as help navigate the chart.

📌 Note : Role and Circle Highlights work for both Holarchy and Network of Teams charts.

Navigating Role and Circle Highlights

The highlights can be easily navigated by all members. With the chart legend, you can filter the highlights applied by Admins by clicking on the chosen one's name. Decide which colour to leave to improve visibility of your chart!

📌 Note: You can decide which highlight to see on your chart only.

How to apply Role and Circle Highlights?

Administrators of your organization can apply colours to your chart by defining certain rules. They depend on the content of the role and circle fields (set by default or customized).

👤 Only Admins can manage the Role and Circle Highlights.

To create a Highlight:

  • Click on your avatar and select Administration

  • Go to Chart settings

  • Click on the Add highlight button

  • Enter the Highlight name (it will be visible in the legend next to the chart)

  • Define the rules which the role/circle needs to match 

  • Pick the Highlight colour

  • Click on Create to save the Highlight

After creating a Highlight, the chart will be automatically updated and the colours will be visible to all members!

You can also check how many roles and/or circles your Highlights match with:

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