The Documents tab of Members, Roles, and Circles gives you access to an overview of the relevant publications and documents. From here, you will be able to find valuable information to understand the role or the circle and see the document shared by each member of your organization.

To help you improve teamwork and information sharing, Holaspirit allows you to attach up to 100Mo of files to the following items:

  • Roles

  • Circles

You can add attachments directly from:

  • Your computer

  • Dropbox

  • OneDrive

  • Google Drive

  • Any Link

Note: Attachments from your computer create an actual copy within Holaspirit. Attachments from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive simply link to the document in its initial location. Documents that are attached with Google Drive and OneDrive can be edited and saved in their respective applications and do not need to be downloaded, saved, and or to the items in Holaspirit.

You can search for any documents from the search bar at the top left corner and quickly find the files you are looking for.

Adding attachments to circles and roles

Who can attach a document or a publication?

  • To assign documents on the circle itself, you need to be a member of the parent circle.

  • To assign a document on the roles the circle contains, you need to be a core member of the circle.

How to attach a document or a publication?

  • Go to the role or circle page

  • Click on the Documents tab

  • To attach a file, click the Add Attachment button and select the appropriate location of your file. Any attachments can be renamed and deleted.

  • To add a publication, click on Add publication and enter Title and Description. You can also add a Link for reference.

  • Click on Create to confirm

Once a document is attached, all members of the organization will have the possibility to click the link and consult the file/publication.

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the document or publication to edit or delete a publication or a file. Everyone from the circle can edit or delete a document.


  • Adding a file from a file picker on Holaspirit does not provide access to the document if the cloud file storage dit not grant the access prior.

  • If you want to limit the scope of access to these documents to circle members only, a Circle Admin can activate the privacy settings for the circle's documents.

  • As a platform administrator you can prevent users from importing documents from their computer. More information in this article.

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