If your organization is using Holacracy or is new to the practice, this article is for you!

Holaspirit has designed an initiation program, dedicated to practitioners, in collaboration with certified consultants and coaches. This program aims to provide you with a better understanding of the basic principles of the methodology developed by HolacracyOne by offering you contents to facilitate its adoption and practice within your organization.

The program takes the form of a newsletter composed of 12 emails, sent weekly in English

Onboarding for Holacracy Practitioners: What is the program?

  • Lesson #1: Hola-What? In this first lesson, we’ll provide you with some resources that will help you understand the shift from hierarchy to meaningful distributed authority. Your first step to understanding Holacracy! We will share with you insightful resources and articles. Just get a look at the first lesson below !

  • Lesson #2: Hola-Why? Why it's an interesting model? Why is this relevant for my organization, why would we change the way we’re working? Understanding the reasons for the change will certainly help you improve your practice!

  • Lesson #3: Roles and Circles. In this lesson, we’ll start by diving deeper into the shift from roles and circles. How do you move from a traditional organization's job description to a self-managed organization based on roles and circles?

  • Lesson #4: Your Lead Link is not your Manager. In Holacracy, there is no manager. This lesson is all about LeadLinks, the difference between having a manager, and the autonomy provided by roles.

  • Lesson #5: Tensions are fuel. What are Tensions in Holacracy? Is something not working optimally? Is it an opportunity that your company is not grasping? This week we’ll dive deeper into tensions, what they are and how to process them.

  • Lesson #6: Everything about Tactical Meetings. One of the perks of working with Holacracy is that it comes with a very clear, structured, and efficient way to hold meetings. In this lesson, we'll dive into Tactical Meetings to manage operations within your teams.

  • Lesson #7: Everything about Governance Meetings. We get to the topic of Governance Meetings - where the organization structure of its circles.

  • Lesson #8: How to be a great Facilitator? In this lesson, you'll get to know more about the Facilitator role. We share resources to help you improve your proficiency and facilitator skills.

  • Lesson #9: HR in Holacracy. Everything is about work and roles in Holacracy, but what about the people? This lesson covers some much-debated HR topics like hiring, onboarding, compensation, and feedback.

  • Lesson #10: Ways to set strategy. In this lesson, we’ll link you to some sources of inspiration and some use cases of how other Holacracy Practitioners are setting their strategies.

  • Lesson #11: Use cases. What are other organizations doing? How does Holacracy work for them? You'll find some interesting use cases of organizations who have been in the Holacracy game for a while and sharing their experiences for you to get inspired.

  • Lesson #12: Habits and day-to-day. The last lesson gives you some resources that are helpful for day-to-day work with Holacracy (GTD, projects,...)

Turning on the application for all existing members

Only administrators can activate the application.

By activating the application, all members of the organization will receive the newsletter with one email per week for 3 months.

If new members are added to the organization after the activation of the application, they will receive the whole program from the beginning.

  • Go to your Profile and click on Administration

  • Go to Apps, and activate Holacracy Initiation Program by clicking Enter

Note. If you have already activated the application in your organization and wish to reactivate it another time, the newsletter will only be sent to members who have not previously subscribed.

Turning off the application

To disable Onboarding for Holacracy practitioners, administrators must go to the Apps and Integration settings from the Administration page and disable the application.

If you disable the application, members that are currently subscribed to the newsletter will still be able to receive the entire program until the last lesson. However, new members of the organization will not benefit from the program.

If members want to unsubscribe to the newsletter on a personal level, they can opt-out directly from the mails.

Note: If you have already activated the application once in your organization and you wish to reactivate it afterward, the reactivation will result in the newsletter being sent to members who have not previously subscribed.


This program was written by Anne Nynke Jansma for Holaspirit.

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