Introducing Meeting Templates

Holaspirit comes with a 3 default meeting template (Tactical, Governance, OKR). But you can also create your own. Starting now, admins can set up re-usable meeting templates that capture your best meeting processes adapted to your organization's routine.

Simply go to Administration > Meeting Templates > Add meeting template. Once you're happy with your template, give it a name and save it. It will then be available in your list of templates when you are scheduling or opening a meeting. The template fills in all the details, so you only need to update anything special for that particular meeting.

A well-organized meeting has a solid meeting structure. Because team meetings are usually recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc...) you should invest in creating a meeting template that lists out common agenda topics. That way you can always be ready for your next meeting.

How to create meeting templates

As an admin, you can manage meeting templates for your organization and create your own meeting templates.


  • Go to Meeting templates from the Administration menu

  • Click Add meeting template

  • In the new meeting template page, type a name, title, or descriptive subject line for the meeting.

Under the "Meeting steps," customize the following for your meeting template:

1. Select the meeting steps:

  • Click on Add steps and select the desired steps. Renew operations until you have all the steps you need in your meeting. You can order the step with a simple drag and drop.

  • You can create Custom step upon selecting "Custom step" in the dropdown menu. Use this step to share information to meeting participants.

2. Add the Meeting Agenda

Productive meetings typically conclude with assigned activities. To allow the secretary to create new activities and create the agenda of the meeting based on attendees' tensions, it is mandatory to add an Agenda step.

During the Agenda, the secretary can define new activities clearly and hold assignees accountable. You can create activities such as:

  • New action

  • New checklist

  • New metric

  • New project

  • New OKR

  • New Tension

  • New governance activities (including Role/Circles, restructuration, election, policy)

In your Template:

  • Click Add and select Agenda

  • Click on the icon "+" to select the activities of your meeting.

  • This will allow you to create new objects for the circle directly during the meetings including: new action, checklist, metric, tension, project, OKR or governance items (new role/circle, election, move a role, new policy) - based on the tensions raised by the meeting's secretary and attendees.

Note: If no activities is predefined in the template, it will only possible to show a list of tension and discuss it with attendees without possibly add an evolution.

  • When you have finished creating your meeting template, click Create.

🎉 Your meeting template is saved and can be used at any point!

It becomes available to users in your organization in the Meetings module.

How to edit meeting templates

You can edit meeting template at any point.

  • Go to Meeting templates from the Administration menu

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the template and select Edit Template.

  • Click Save

How to use the meeting template?

1. In the Meetings module, click Add Meeting

2. Select the desired template from the drop-down menu

3. Select the circle

4. Fill in all the requested fields.

3. Click on "Schedule" or "Open" to validate.

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