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Adding agenda items to scheduled meetings
Adding agenda items to scheduled meetings

Learn how to add a tension or proposal to a meeting agenda

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๐Ÿ‘‰ Inbox and tensions are linked to the Meetings app and included with Rise, Scale and Enterprise plans. Find out more!

Building a meeting's agenda is crucial: the more time you spend on preparing a meeting, the more productive it gets. Effective meetings come with a clear agenda to make sure everyone stays on track, knows what is happening and what will happen.

โญ Best practice: Collaborate on the agenda with your teammates as much as you can by asking for their input. Once prepared, share the meeting's agenda and explicitly go through the agenda items at the beginning of the meeting.

Collaborating on the meeting agenda allows:

  • All participants to come prepared and be more focused and relevant.

  • The Secretary and Facilitator to get a better sense of the meeting discussions and organize the meeting agenda in advance.

To prepare your agenda in the best way possible, Holaspirit allows you to add items as wells as import tensions and proposals to scheduled meetings.

To add agenda items to your meeting :

  • The meeting template must include the Agenda step.

  • You need to be a member of the circle the meeting is scheduled for.

How to add an agenda item to a scheduled meeting?

If you want to share or discuss a subject with your circle, you can add your idea as an item to the meeting.

In the Meetings app:

  • Click on the meeting of your choice.

  • Click the Add agenda item button.

  • Capture what you want to share, it will automatically be saved after typing the title and show in the meeting's agenda.

You can also do it by clicking on the "+" icon next to the meeting and selecting your next action.

How to import a tension to a scheduled meeting?

With the Inbox app, you can add, review and save you tensions ahead of time to import them to the meeting agenda prior to Governance and Tactical meetings.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: Depending on the wording defined in your organization for Inbox, a tension can also be called "Driver", "Spark" or "Note".

In the Meetings app:

  • Click on the meeting of your choice

  • For Governance meetings, click the Import button then choose Tension
    For Tactical meetings, click the Import a tension button

  • Select the tension you want to import in the drop-down list

You can also import your tension to the meeting agenda directly from the Inbox app ahead of the meeting by using the Bring to meeting button.

๐Ÿ“Œ Notes:

  • The tensions showing in the drop-down list are the ones saved in Inbox that have either been assigned the circle the meeting is for, or haven't been assigned a circle at all.

  • All circle members can read your tension before the meeting starts.

How to import a proposal to a scheduled meeting?

Governance meetings are the best place to discuss the evolutions inherent to your circle with your team before implementing them.

The meeting template must include the Agenda step allowing Governance items to be processed

You can import the proposals you've created and saved in your Proposals app as well as the ones you've already submitted asynchronously to your circle. You'll find more information on how to create, submit and track proposals in this article.

To import your proposal (saved or already submitted) to the meeting's agenda:

  • Go to the Meetings app

  • Click on the meeting of your choice

  • Click the Import button, then choose Proposal

  • Select the proposal you want to import in the drop-down list.

You can also use the Bring to meeting button on your proposal to import it to the meeting agenda.

How to edit or delete an agenda item added to a scheduled meeting?

  • To edit your item, click on the item itself and make your changes

  • To delete your item, click on the cross next to it

How to order agenda items before a scheduled meeting?

  • Go to the Meetings App

  • Click on the meeting of your choice

  • Drag and drop your agenda items that were imported before

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