How to create a proposal?

Learn how to create, submit and track a proposal in a meeting or asynchronously

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You got a suggestion and want to change something in your organization whether it's a role, a circle, a policy, an election? You can create what we call an asynchronous proposal.

How to create a proposal?

⚠️ Consent mode must be enabled for users to be able to submit asynchronous proposals.

Creating a proposal allows you to make the following changes:

  • Edit circles or roles

  • Move circles or roles

  • Add, change or delete a policy

  • Reduce a circle to a role, or expand a role into a circle

  • Elect a member to an elected role

You can create a proposal from your Proposals app, check out this article to see what steps to follow!

You can also decide to create proposals directly from the Governance app:

  • Go to the Governance app

  • Go to the role or circle page you wish to create a proposal for

  • Click on Edit role (or the Add button if you wish to create a role or a circle)

  • In the new window, create your proposal and edit what needs to be

  • Click Add a reason, to explain to your team why you want to make these changes. If your organization works with Holacracy, this is where you can log your tension.

Decide what to do with your proposal, you have 3 options:

  • Save as a proposal: save a draft of your proposal and review it in the Proposals app to submit later or to add as an agenda item to your next meeting.

  • Add to a proposal: if you wish to process several evolutions and changes within one proposal, you can add it to an existing proposal. You will be able to review the whole proposal in the Proposals app and submit it later, or add it as an agenda item to your next meeting.

  • Submit: send your proposal to your teammates who will be able to comment, validate or reject it. Depending on the consent decision-making process your organization applies, your team members will have more or less time to react, discuss and vote on your proposal.

Process a proposal asynchronously

Once a proposal is saved, it ends up in the Proposals app, in My proposals.

  • Click on the proposal card to Submit it and have it emailed to your circle members for review. When you submit an asynchronous proposal, the other members of your circle will have a chance to validate or reject it. They will be asked to vote on the proposal.

  • Once a proposal is submitted asynchronously, it follows the validation process. Any member will be able to follow the validation process of a proposal from the Submitted proposals tab and see:

How many circle members voted on my proposal?

How many days are left before the proposals is automatically validated?

Are there any questions from my team?

  • If someone rejects the proposal, the proposer will be notified with an email. You may re-submit your proposal after it has been voted on if you amend it.

  • If your proposal gets validated, it will automatically be implemented in your organization. If it's rejected, nothing changes.

Process a proposal in a meeting

⚠️ A proposal can be imported only to the meeting opened for the circle related to the proposal.

You can import an existing proposal into a meeting and let the process take care of it. You can import any proposal that was drafted but never actually submitted. Or, if you've only got partial responses, you can import any currently proposal in progress, if you'd like to hurry things up.

  • As you can see in below, you can easily import an existing proposal to the agenda of your next scheduled meeting. The proposal will then automatically be loaded to the meeting, ready for the next steps in the governance process. More information here.

  • You can also simply import your proposal while the meeting is opened. Click on the Import button. In the resulting dialogue, select whichever items you're ready to act on. If your proposal is currently being reviewed by your team, you can also decide to import it to the meeting, the secretary of the meeting can import any ongoing proposal. More info here.

You can also use the Bring to meeting button on your proposal to import it to the meeting agenda.

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