In traditional organizations, two decision-making methods are popular:

  • The directive, top-down decision-making method.
  • The participatory, consensus decision-making method.

Many self-managed organizations are now opting for decision-by-consent approaches. Consent means the absence of objections. Similar to consensus, consent invites all core circle's members in the decision making process and allows circle members to submit their proposals to their fellows. If you want to lean more about, decision-making mode in Holaspirit, read this article.

Holaspirit supports consent decision-making and allows you configure some settings. Default validation settings of a proposal are:

  • All Core Circle Members clicked the No objection button associated with the proposal.
  • No Core Circle Member clicked the Escalate to Meeting button within 7 days.

How can I change the delay and feedback request?

As an Admin, go to the Administration menu

  • Select Circle settings 
  • Edit the number of days after which a proposal is validated if no one objects.
  • Check whether you would like members who escalate a proposal to a meeting to provide feedback to the proposal's owner.
  • Click Save

Quick tip: A circle may decide to work with another decision-making process and personalize its setting locally. Some circles may work with consent-decision making process (with different delays) while other with open validation process.

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