As a member of your circle, you are part of the decision making process along with your teammates. To drive change within your team's governance, you might want to create a proposal and submit it to the other circle members (asynchronously or in a meeting).

You can create a governance proposal either from the role or circle page or directly from the Proposals app.

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Create your proposal

Process your proposal

Create a proposal from the Proposals app

To add a new proposal:

  • Go to the Proposals app

  • Click on the Add a proposal button in the top right

  • Capture the Title of your proposal

  • Select the Circle the proposal will be submitted to

  • Add a Description

  • Click on the + Add evolutions button

  • Select what kind of evolution you would like to add to your proposal

  • Enter all the necessary details of your evolution

  • Click on the Save button at the bottom to confirm

You can add another evolution to your proposal, click again on the + Add evolutions button and repeat the same process

Note: You can add as many proposals as you wish to a proposal, as long as they are all for the same circle.

Process your proposal

Once your proposal is created, you can decide to:

  • Save it - By closing the proposal window, it will be saved in the My proposals section of the Proposals app. You'll be able to get back to your proposal, work on it and submit it when you're ready.

  • Submit it - Send your proposal to your teammates who will be able to comment, validate or reject it. Depending on the consent decision making process your organization applies, team members will have more or less time to react, discuss and consent (or not) to your proposal.

  • Add to a proposal - Merge the proposal with another one already saved in your app. The evolution(s) will be moved to the selected proposal. Be careful, the title and description will be lost!

  • Bring it to a meeting - Import your proposal to a meeting already scheduled or to the next schedule one. Check out this article for more information.

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